About Haley.

Haley was born and raised in the foothills of North Carolina. She grew up with pastoral parents who were both musical and deeply in love with Jesus. Haley met Jesus when she was seven years old. It was then that she began her journey with the Holy Spirit. 

Haley's first passion wasn't music or songwriting. Most days, you could find her with a basketball in her hands. She loved everything about the game and had big plans and dreams of making it a life long career. However, God had other plans for her. After three ACL injuries, her basketball playing days were coming to an end; her new journey, waiting patiently ahead. 

It would all start while recovering from surgery. Haley's dad got her a guitar. He taught her the chords he knew and that was that. She began writing songs as a way to process the world around her. Timid and shy, she would sit in her room and quietly sing her heart. 

It took years for Haley to "find herself" without a basketball in her hands. She traveled abroad with different ministries and took odd jobs here and there. She would say she felt quite lost during that time, but God always showed up in her brokenness. God saw fit to lovingly place people in her path, no matter where she was, that always brought her back to the music, back to worship. Jesus put all the fragmented pieces back together and Haley couldn't be more grateful for the broken dreams and struggles she's faced. Because of them, music became her safe place, her worship became her healing, and her story became her song. 

Haley is married to the love of her life, Jeff. They have two dogs that they're crazy about, Preacher and Chapel.